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Green Lab – This is a specialized agricultural store that promotes the agro-industry in Georgia, for the plant-loving beginner and qualified consumer.

The company offers a full line of products, including pre-made, nutrient-rich soil, CBD nutritional supplements, plant lighting, fertilizers, tents, accessories, seeds, plants, DIY products and plant care tools.

The Green Lab is more than a grow shop.

This is a store that includes a wide range of innovative products in the following directions:

Gardening – a complete set of tools, equipment, fertilizers, soil, seeds and plant care accessories.

Nutritional Supplements – A large selection of cannabidiol and nutritional supplements for human health.

Cosmetics and hygiene products – cosmetics and self-care products extracted from hemp seeds.

Smoking accessories and plants.

Green Lab is concerned with increasing the awareness of CBD product and providing easy access to this product for the customers. Here you will find CBD in the form of vapes, drops and tablets.

Green lab is already represented in the market of Georgia with 5 branches. The company is growing and developing day by day.

You will find a wide range of products from the world’s leading manufacturers with many years of experience.

Our partners are: Idrogrow, Reakiro, Advanced Nutrients, INDIA Cosmetics, Seklos, Airontek…

Green Lab is the first official distributor of Advanced Nutrients in Georgia.

In cooperation with the world’s N1 brand of fertilizers, we officially registered 43 types of fertilizers in Georgia, which significantly adjusted the price of the product on the market.